Here we are, back again, talking about the divorce of Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari. At some point in the future professional sports will return, but until there is only the divorce of Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari. 

You know the details by now: Cutler and Cavallari are calling it quits after a decade spent as Chicago's favorite couple featuring a former Bears quarterback and a reality TV star-turned successful entrepreneur. The split, as it was always destined to, played out in the tabloids and turned sour like, almost immediately. Somewhere an executive at E! is pulling their hair out at the timing. The first round of rumors regarding the relationship's final straw – a "lazy and unmotivated" Cutler – had the internet angry and confused and probably a little too nosy. 

Don't worry though – just as those rumors started to fade into the background, anonymous sources gave the Daily Mail a call. Apparently, you see, the first round of rumors was totally wrong, and Jay Cutler wasn't lazy and unmotivated. Actually, the new rumors alledge, the reason was his "'rude' behavior not only towards fans, but with her, their family and friends, ultimately leaving his wife feeling alone with their three children." 

Someone get in the ring and stop this fight. That or  Jay's buddies need to start anoynmously leaking back or something. Stay tuned for the next round of Jay Cutler rumors, probably tomorrow or maybe in three hours.