Adam Schefter believes 49ers draft Mac Jones at No. 3


As the NFL draft draws closer, the top of the board continues to crystalize. Trevor Lawrence has been the presumptive No. 1 overall pick all year. After the New York Jets traded Sam Darnold, most expect them to select Zach Wilson at No. 2. And we know the San Francisco 49ers are going to draft a quarterback at No. 3 after trading up from No. 12. While there's debate as to who that QB might be, attention is mostly focused on one man. Now, Adam Schefter is adding his voice to the growing chorus.

“Oh, it’ll be Mac Jones,” Schefter said on ESPN radio Tuesday.

But before you start drafting up fantasy trades for Jimmy Garoppolo, Schefter also said he doesn’t believe the 49ers will put Garoppolo on the trade block despite drafting a new rookie quarterback.

“No, not right now,” Schefter said. “I believe that in the end they will pick Mac Jones at No. 3. That’ll be the pick. And they will keep Jimmy Garoppolo.

“Could New England decide to give you this and this on draft day or draft weekend and the Niners make the decision to trade him? Yes. That could be. But I can say their plan was, they believe they’ve got a Super Bowl-caliber roster, a playoff-caliber roster, and that they want to draft a quarterback and have that guy sit on the bench, learn, get acclimated, even though some people say Mac Jones is ready to play. Then, after this season you move on from Jimmy.”


Schefter elaborated that his belief San Francisco will keep both QBs on the roster goes beyond simply letting Jones develop for a year under Garoppolo.

“Couple of things: No. 1, the roster is ready to win now, and they think a veteran is more capable of taking the team further, right now. Then, No. 2, Jimmy Garoppolo has missed most of the last two seasons with injuries. So, again, you want him on your roster, but there are no assurances that he can remain healthy. So, if he’s not healthy, then you have the quarterback you drafted No. 3, who I believe ultimately will be Mac Jones.”

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