Bears Twitter may have fired Ryan Pace years ago, but it sounds like the decision makers around Halas Hall may be starting to catch up. 

In Peter Kings' Football Morning In America column, King briefly provided some – admittedly speculatory – intel on the Bears' GM after this weekend's trade of Adam Shaheen. It's an equally short and noteworthy bit of info from King: 

I think Chicago GM Ryan Pace trading tight end Adam Shaheen—a second-round pick in 2017 who never ascended to even decency, in part because of injury—for a conditional sixth-round pick is another black mark on the Bears’ personnel record. Let’s just say that Bear success in the 2020 season is vital for Pace’s future.

Pace has been with the Bears for five years, putting together an underwhelming 34-46 record in the process. A departure would be music to some fans' ears, many of which have been vocal about Pace's struggles to build an offense good enough to compete for NFC North titles and beyond. The debate, which is never not raging, picked up steam in Sun-Times reporter Mark Potash's mentions over the weekend, too: 

The McCaskey's are notoriously patient when it comes to front office overhaul, but everyone has their tipping point. Another wasted season from another historically great best defensive unit might be that point.