NFL Network analysts would keep Justin Fields


NFL Network analysts aren't listening to the Justin Fields' trade rumors. 

"It just seems like sometimes this stuff is made up just to create some type of something," Michael Robinson said on NFL Network. 

Wearing the hypothetical general manager cap, they would buy into him, while doing their due diligence around the league for potential offers; Robinson would test the waters for the standout, sophomore quarterback. 

"You look at Justin Fields. To me, he has a big, strong arm. Obviously, he can run the football," Robinson said. "I don't think he's a runner like Lamar Jackson or like Jalen Hurts, but he is a mover with the football and to me, a better passer than a lot of the guys coming out in this draft.

"So for me, yes, I'm keeping Justin Fields. I'm building this entire offense around that guy because to me he's still a young player. But I would listen to every trade offer, obviously, and I give a call to the Baltimore Ravens just to see what's going on. You know, just to see because they've got some assets. This Chicago Bears team, they need an offensive line, they need pass rushers, they need life and they need everything."

Indeed, as Robinson noted, the Bears need talent at merely every crevice of their roster.

(Side note: I'll try to avoid Robinson's mention of Fields' rushing ability as inferior to that of Jackson and Hurts. That's a story separate from this one.)


They fielded arguably the worst defensive line last season, along with a largely ineffective offensive line and linebacker group. They could use another piece at wide receiver and cornerback as well. 

Luckily, the Bears have, once again, over $100 million in cap space and the No. 1 pick to use at their disposal for roster enhancements. They should have the opportunity to trade their pick down in the draft to acquire more draft capital or a player. 

Or, as Robinson delicately suggested, the Bears could bait Fields on a hook and cast him in the waters to see if he attracts any bites. He likely would garner some lucrative offers, considering his sophomore season was widely considered a success, despite his clear weak spots in the passing game. 

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But, the cons outweigh the pros in the scenario of trading Fields. Developing and training a new quarterback takes time and effort, much like the two years the Bears have spent going through the motions with Fields. 

Steve Smith mentioned he talked with Fields about how he and the Bears reached success midway through last season, evidence of his constant growth with the Bears. 

"Our offensive coordinator, he was getting familiar with calling plays (Fields said)," Smith said. "He was also getting familiar with our personnel. So as the offensive coordinator and the players were getting familiar with the offense, you got to just reset that and start all over again with a new quarterback with other playmakers that you have to figure out."

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