How the Bears can clinch a playoff spot in Week 17


The Bears' resurrected their season with a three-game winning streak, most recently beating the Jaguars decidedly in Week 16.

And thanks to the NFL expanding the playoff field to seven teams in 2020, the Bears are in possession of the final playoff spot.

But the Bears haven't clinched and punched their ticket to the postseason just yet.

There are two scenarios in Week 17, that get the Bears into the playoffs.

1. Beat The Packers

Simply put, win and you're in. If the Bears knock off the Packers in the season finale, they're into the playoffs with a 9-7 record.

This is the ultimate, you control your won destiny scenario.

What kind of fight the Packers will put up remains to be seen. If they've clinched the No. 1 seed before Week 17, they might rest their starters *cough* Aaron Rodgers *cough* and the Bears could face an opponent already looking to the playoffs.

There is a very real possibility the 1-seed won't be settled and the Packers could be playing for that first round bye and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers has never played an NFC Championship game at Lambeau Field and is looking to end that streak.

So we'll see what Packers team awaits the Bears.

2. Bears Lose And Arizona Cardinals Lose

If the Bears lose to the Packers, they need the Cardinals to lose as well. The Cardinals are playing a talented Rams team, so they have their own tough match up ahead of them.

With the Cardinals and the Bears both headed into Week 17 with 8-7 records, both teams finishing 8-8 still favors the Bears thanks to the tie-breaker Chicago owns.


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