NFL teams expect Bears to keep Justin Fields


Justin Fields trade rumors and discussion are back in full swing with the beginning of the NFL Scouting Combine.

All the league's brass are in Indianapolis and conversations are likely being had, and a lot of it is jockeying for leverage in trade discussions.

But according to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, the Chicago Bears are trading the No. 1 pick and not Fields.

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"Now, Justin Fields, different scenario because the Bears have the No. 1 pick and most teams I've talked to do expect the Bears to keep Justin Fields," Fowler said Sunday on SportsCenter, via Bleacher Report. "They say, look, this is a player who kept them in games they had no business staying in last year.

"But, if they have a high ranking on Bryce Young or one of these quarterbacks, they could certainly look into it. The expectation is that they'd move out of that No. 1 pick, but we'll see."

Fields by all means had a break out season. Without weapons of note or an offensive line offering solid protection, Fields did keep the Bears in a lot of games. He even almost set the single-season rushing record by a quarterback.

And while passing could improve, the Bears lost a decent amount of single-score games, even with their awful roster.

In mid-December the Bears lost to the eventual NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles by just give points. The Bears were beating the Buffalo Bills at half-time of that game.


In October, the Bears had a lead over the Minnesota Vikings going into the final three minutes of the game. At the end of October, the Bears scored 29 points on the Dallas Cowboys. At that point in the season, the Cowboys defense had only let one team score more than 20 points - the Eagles.

There was a three-game stretch in November where the Bears lost by a combined seven points to the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons. It's almost a miracle the Bears got the No. 1 overall pick given how many games they almost won, and it will benefit the franchise in the long-run.

To be fair, there are a decent amount of pundits and analysts saying you don't trade Fields even though the conversation is persisting.

Former NFL quarterback and ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky said just today he wouldn't trade Fields.

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