Week 7 Overreactions: Should Nagy give up play-calling duties?


The most insulting part about the Bears' 24-10 loss has to be the fact that Leonard Floyd had two sacks, right? It has to be. Leonard Floyd's had a half-dozen good pass rushing performances in five years and one of them came against the Bears. PFF gave him the best game grade of his career! It's not quite 2017 Robbie Gould, but it's pretty close. At least now the Bears finally know what the Brandon Staley/Floyd combo can be.  Anyway, here's what you're panicking about: 

VERDICT: I Mean Yeah This Is Clearly An Overreaction But It's Hard To Really Blame Erik 

To be clear, Nagy hasn't become indefensible. He's a strong leader and his players have always enjoyed playing for him. (And even if he was indefensible, he's still strongly backed by ownership so it doesn't even really matter.) His shortcomings as an in-game play caller are real, and their criticisms fair. But you know what's actually indefensible? Having anonymous sources leak stories about how dumb you and your coaching staff are six weeks into the season. Or lying about embracing analytics to get that job in the first place, and then admitting as much at your opening press conference. Adam Gase is indefensible. Matt Patricia's cultish commitment to beating Mitch Trubisky with man coverage is indefensible. Gradient color schemes on NFL jerseys are indefensible. Matt Nagy's just overwhelmed. 

VERDICT: I Would Hardly Call A 16-Point 4th Quarter Comeback Garbage Time But The Overall Message Is Not An Overreaction At This Point 


If Mitch Trubisky has the game that Nick Foles did on Monday night (28-40, 261 yards, 2 INTs), people would be calling for his expulsion from the NFL. There'd be fifteen thousand versions of the same Patrick-Mahomes-in-a-Bears-jersey meme, and every Chicago talk radio show would loudly open with a segment about how they wanted Deshaun Watson from the start. Your coworker would send a snarky slack about how Ryan Pace should be fired and you'd angrily type out all the names of all the 4th round value he's found. No one's big board had Mahomes at the top!! A sentimental tear comes to my eye just thinking about it. Point is, Nick Foles hasn't been any better. 

VERDICT: This Is Not An Overreaction And Honestly The Tone Could Not Be Any More Perfect 

Get him in the game! He's good maybe! Also, you took him with your first pick, 43rd overall, in last year's draft. Also, he was the first tight end taken in said draft. Also, he's better than Demetrius Harris. If Matt Nagy wants to get people off his back even a little bit, this is absolutely the place to start. 

VERDICT: This Is Not An Overreaction Either. It Is, However, A Bummer. 

It's not too much to ask for, Alice. Keep asking. You deserve at least one offensive touchdown a game. We all deserve that. 

VERDICT: Not Only Is This An Overreaction But It's Also Sorta Mean, Man 

I'm not sure what value Ted Ginn Jr. has to the Bears at this point. Darnell Mooney stopped being his understudy like three quarters into the season and as the team punt returner, it's a bit alarming to watch him actively avoid returning punts. He's not overpaid, though – he signed for a shade over $1 million and carries a $800k cap hit. Sometimes these type of moves don't work out.