Good press has been hard to come by for the Bears this offseason, so take a nice long moment to soak this one in. 

Speaking on SportsTalk Live, Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran had this to say about the Bears, Nick Foles, and the Pats: 

Allen Robinson's still there, right? Tarik Cohen's back? He's (Foles) got better players around him, no matter how you slice and dice what the Patriots have offensively. I know what the Patriots have. They have Julian Edelman, who's a 33-year-old receiver who's still outstanding but you need to start getting some of the wear off him. N'Keal Harry, unproven. Marqise Lee has not been able to establish anything in the league. Damiere Byrd, a guy who's not been able to establish anything in the league. A lot of guys who have plenty to prove, and haven't proven anything. I think that Chicago has better players around (Nick Foles). I think that the Bears will be a better team than the Patriots in 2020.  

Spicy! Zesty! Poignant! This take contains multitudes. So there you have it, Bears fans. After 20 years, someone finally thinks they might be better than New England.