When you write about the Bears and hear that Nick Foles is going to Periscope with Chase Daniel, you're going to watch it. Think of the content! It went on for almost 35 minutes, which would be objectively annoying if not for the fact that I deeply cherish anything that takes up half an hour of my day at this point.

The two friends talked about a whole bunch, and literally made *one* Bears reference the entire time. Here's the Bears' new backup QB/Week 3 starter, talking to someone who'd been in Chicago for two years, and they made exactly one Bears reference. Are you ready for it? Here is the only Bears reference made between Chase Daniel and Nick Foles: 

"Yeah I went to Michigan State for my freshman year, then I transferred to Arizona and was at Arizona for four years ... I get to say Bear Down once again, which is really exciting." 

That's it. That's the only Bears reference from any of the 2,100 seconds of conversation between Foles and Daniel, which I watched in its entirety. They go on to talk about so many other things, like bulletproof coffee and Foles' seven touchdown performance against the Raiders – so if either of those two things interest you, have at it: 

Nick Foles: really excited to say Bear Down again.