How Foles impressed Football Aftershow crew on and off the field


While it wasn’t pretty, there were plenty of refreshing aspects from the Bears’ Thursday night win against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. The defense caused a turnover before halftime, and the offense capitalized by scoring a touchdown. They drove down the field to win the game in the fourth quarter, instead of fizzling out like they might have in 2019.

But one of the most refreshing moments for the Football Aftershow crew came after the game. During Nick Foles’ press conference, the guys were impressed with Foles’ candor and accountability for his poor play.

“I gotta tell you, he is very thoughtful and very eloquent,” said David Kaplan. “You don’t get coach speak, he looks at the question, ponders it. It’s really cool to see. I think this guy is really in a good place in Chicago.”

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“Yeah, I just liked he was able to explain,” said Dave Wannstedt. “Every QB is going to miss some throws. (They’ve) got different strengths and weaknesses, arm strength, accuracy, and so forth. I just like when you hear a QB talk like that. (He) understands what's going on and anticipates a little bit.”

As someone who has beat the drum for Nick Foles since the season’s outset, Alex Brown was very pleased to hear the praise from his counterparts. But Brown didn’t let that get in the way of giving Foles a fair assessment.

“I thought he rebounded,” Brown said. “I thought he played pretty piss poor, honestly, early on. He rebounded well, I mean, they found something that they could take from that defense, and they exploited it. Whether that was with Patterson, or whether that was with Montgomery. They found something in that defense and made some big plays.”


Lance Briggs noted that the Bears and Foles might be building a comeback mentality, which could help them down the road. If they can build off that, the wins might start coming more comfortably.

“They have this habit of playing extremely well late in games,” Briggs said. “You know if this team can really focus on starting fast, you know, they know how to finish strong. If they can get to a point where they can start fast, and they can get those balls into the end zone early, they are going to be a very very tough team to beat because they play their best football at the tail end.”