The Slime Zone is awesome


The Bears-Saints broadcast on Nickelodeon is simply amazing.

Their greatest innovation? The slime zone.

That's how they've re-branded the end zone but it's not just a name change, take a look below.

Unfortunately, the Saints got there first.

And sure, Tony Romo is prolific and incredible when it comes to calling games... but virtual cannons shooting slime over the end zone is an incredible enhancement to the game broadcast.

This innovation should carry over to the regular NFL broadcasts. Cannons shooting touchdown confetti? Bills fans onto tables? Italian Beefs onto Bears players at Soldier Field? Who wouldn't love that.

Fans and pundits alike loved the slime zone, so let's adopt this league wide.

Saints' head coach Sean Payton said he was willing to be slimed after the game too.

Of course... the slime zone can have negative side effects.

Com'n Wims!

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