Why Football Aftershow crew would start Foles Week 2


Despite Mitch Trubisky’s fourth quarter heroics to lead the Bears to a shocking Week 1 win against the Lions, the Football Aftershow crew say they’d hand over the keys to the offense to Nick Foles for Week 2. But it has more to do with the identity of Matt Nagy’s offense, than Trubisky’s performance.

“If you’re going to run the scheme you’re running, then Foles is your quarterback,” said Olin Kreutz on the Football Aftershow. “If you’re not going to hand it off, if you’re not going to boot the quarterback, if you’re not going to get him outside the pocket, if you’re not going to use his athleticism.”

Host David Kaplan did note that against the Dallas Cowboys last year, the Bears did get Trubisky out of the pocket and he had success. As to why the Bears haven’t replicated that scheme, no one on the show had an answer.

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Alex Brown agreed, Trubisky would perform better in a system that focuses on the run game and counted on Trubisky to make throws when he absolutely needed to.

“He has to hand the ball off, hand the ball off, and then play action,” Brown said. “Then the holes to throw the ball into are just so much bigger, because now you get the linebackers up, and you throw the ball right over.

“That is Mitch. That is him.”

Kreutz compared Trubisky to Ryan Tannehill, who revitalized his career last year in the run-heavy Titans offense. He said Trubisky could “flourish” in an offense like that.


“It’s no use beating that dead horse though,” said Kreutz. “Because we’re not going to see that here.”