Kreutz questions Bears personnel decisions in Seattle


The Bears managed to end their three-game losing streak with a come-from-behind win over the Seahawks in Week 15. For that, former Bears center Olin Kreutz is happy. But after the initial joy of the win, the good feelings fall away. The win did nothing to change the fact that the team will miss the playoffs. It did nothing to change the fact that they’ll finish without a winning record for the third-straight year. But worst of all, it didn’t do much to answer some of the biggest questions facing the team, moving forward. And for that, Kreutz had questions about some of the decisions the team made before ever taking the field.

“Why is Germain Ifedi at right tackle?” Kreutz said on NBC Sports Chicago’s “Football Aftershow” following the game. “Why isn’t Thomas Graham starting at left cornerback? Why is Kindle Vilor out there?

“We just want to see young guys playing, because, look, eventually you have to do what’s best for the franchise. We’re all happy you won the game, but what is best for the Chicago Bears franchise?”

What’s best for the Bears is most likely to find out as much as they can about the young players heading into the offseason. That way they can project as accurately as possible who can start, who can act as a depth player, and which positions need the most attention in the draft and free agency. If not, the team may run into another situation like they did when naming Vildor the starting cornerback to start this season.


“To me, there’s two things going on, because you’re happy they won, good win, they fought for their coach,” Kreutz said. “But when I’m watching I’m thinking, ‘Ok for next year what has this win done for us?’”

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