Mitch Trubisky has taken a lot of punishment this season. Whether it's a relentless pass rush or an army of football media, Trubisky has been circled as the primary target and lead defendant for everything that's gone wrong with the Bears offense in 2019.

Week 9's game against the Philadelphia Eagles didn't help his quest to regain respectability, either. Chicago produced just nine yards of offense in the first half and Trubisky completed only 10 passes in the game. His stat line (10-of-21, 125 yards) was more like an undrafted rookie making his first start than a former second overall pick in his third season. Naturally, it would be easy to (once again) blame him for the Bears' fourth loss in a row.

But that would be a mistake, according to former Bears center and one of the greatest offensive linemen in team history, Olin Kreutz.

After studying the All-22 of Sunday's disaster in Philly, Kreutz came to Trubisky's aid and said it was the offensive line that should be tarred and feathered. Not the quarterback.

He gave Trubisky some love on his 53-yard completion to Taylor Gabriel, too.

Kreutz hinted at Trubisky succeeding on the move, a theory that was reinforced by ESPN's Dan Orlovsky, who tweeted an interesting nugget about Mitch on Tuesday.

It's easy to get caught up in the negative. It's what people do, especially football writers and fans. And let's be honest: Trubisky's given those fans and writers arguably more ammunition than any player in the league this season.


But when someone like Kreutz suggests it's time to pump the brakes on the criticism launched toward the quarterback, even if just a little, it's advice worth heeding.

Until, of course, Trubisky launches another off-target throw over the head of a wide-open receiver. Then it's open season again.