It seems that Pete Schrager is bullish on Khalil Mack.

That's not to say it's difficult to be bullish on Mack, because of course it's not. Pete takes it to a whole different level, though: 

Pete works for NFL Network, and you may know him from Good Morning Football, the NFL Kickoff Show, or being a guest in the weird dungeon that is Colin Cowherd's studio. 

Pete, thank you. You almost certainly said this knowing that it'd get picked up by every NFL-themed aggregation account on the face of the planet, but thank you Pete. This is a fun Bears take that is not 1. About Mitch Trubisky and 2. Extremely negative. It's good, old-fashioned takery, and that's just about all you can ask for in mid-August. 

Only one more week, and then another week, and then another week, until the season starts!