Why former QB says Matt Nagy is 'failure' as Bears head coach


You think you got worked up about the Bears after their third-straight embarrassing loss on Sunday? You should check out NFL analyst and former QB Dan Orlovsky. On ESPN’s “Get Up” on Monday, Orlovsky did not hold back as he laid into Bears head coach Matt Nagy for his team’s offensive failings.

“A coach that cannot teach is a failure,” Orlovsky said on “Get Up.” “A coach that doesn’t know how to build relationships with his players is a failure. A coach that doesn’t know how to communicate with their players is a failure. A coach that cannot adapt, or change their scheme to the type of talent that they have is a failure. Right now, Matt Nagy in Chicago is a failure. He can’t do any of that stuff in Chicago.”

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Early in the season, many fans and pundits blamed the Bears’ offensive ineptitude on Mitchell Trubisky. There were loud calls for the team to switch to Nick Foles. It was understandable at the time as Trubisky had completed less than 60% of his passes, was averaging only 6.5 yards per attempt (the median rate in the NFL is 7.8), and sported a 6:3 TD:INT ratio. But since then, things have gotten worse. Foles has completed a higher percentage of passes (65.6%), but he’s averaging an anemic 6.1 yards per attempt, and his TD:INT ratio is 10:7. Over the Bears’ three-game losing streak, the offense has only averaged 14.3 points per game.

“This is the offense that you wanted to run,” Orlovsky said. “This is the offense that you wanted to run from Kansas City. It’s not working. You don’t know how to adjust to the talent that you have. I said it all the time on Chicago radio last year: fit your offense to Mitchell Trubisky. Well, you didn’t want to, so you went and got Nick Foles. Now you don’t have an offense that will work for Nick Foles.”


While some of that can be explained by poor offensive line play, it seems like Trubisky’s strengths would work better for the Bears’ current makeup. He’s shown he can throw on the run. If downfield coverage shuts down passing opportunities, Trubisky has great ability running the ball for big gains. Meanwhile, Foles has shown almost no athletic ability outside the pocket. He may be the more accurate passer, but with the Bears’ patchwork offensive line affording almost no time to throw it doesn’t really matter.

“This is like a marriage: when you try to change your spouse to exactly what you want, it’s going to end up bad. You’re trying to change all your players to exactly what you want, because it’s the only thing that you know in Chicago. Now this is headed for a divorce.”