Rodgers: 'I grew up watching Chicago sports'


Aaron Rodgers hasn't needed to worry much about the Chicago Bears since he took over Brett Favre as the Green Bay Packers quarterback. 

He has a 22-5 career record against his division rival. And at 38 years old, he will likely continue his reign over the NFC North following his extension with the team back in March. 

But, despite his dominant wins and "I own you" outcry to Chicago fans after a game-sealing rushing touchdown at Soldier Field last season, he still respects the city and its history. 

“Yes, because it’s a great sports town,” Rodgers said on Pardon My Take. “If we’re beating up on a town that doesn’t have a great sports history, it’s just another win. Chicago is Chicago. You’ve got 100 years of Bears football almost, you have the Chicago Bulls, I grew up a Bulls fan.

“Back on my old TV, we had seven dials, you had to hit it just right with the antenna, and we could get WGN. We could watch Cubs baseball and Harry Caray, that was iconic, and Bulls basketball. I grew up watching Chicago sports.”

Rodgers' Chicago sports fandom is surprising. The MVP quarterback was born in Chico, Calif. and his family moved to Beaverton, Ore. before moving back to his birthplace. He went to Cal college and was drafted to the Green Bay Packers. His only affiliation with the Midwest is playing for the Packers. 


Nevertheless, his slight fixation with Chicago sports is interesting. He was two years old when the Bears won the 1985 Super Bowl and grew up during the 90s Bulls era with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. 

He will never take his foot off the gas while playing the Bears. But, his fandom for Chicago is appreciated. 

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