Packers asking price for Aaron Rodgers is becoming clearer


We could potentially get the end of the Aaron Rodgers stand off very shortly. 

But all signs point towards Rodgers asking for and getting a trade to the New York Jets.

On Wednesday morning, ESPN's NFL insider Adam Schefter went on Get Up to discuss the situation. He said he expects a trade to be requested but it comes down to a couple of items on a check list.

The Jets and Rodgers restructuring his contract. And the trade value of Rodgers.

Unfortunately there are conflicting reports about what the asking price for Rodgers is.

While Schefter noted the Green Bay Packers want multiple first-round picks, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero said the Packers aren't looking for that haul.

"My understanding is that within the Packers organization, they felt that he was worth a package that was similar to the one that the [Los Angeles] Rams once got for Matthew Stafford, which is multiple (first-round draft picks," Schefter said.

"Now, if you're the New York Jets, you don't want to have to trade multiple (first-round draft picks) for a 39 year-old quarterback who's on a year-to-year basis and you don't know how long you will have his services.

"So the Jets have to figure out what they're willing to pay."

Not asking for multiple first-round draft picks certainly makes the trade easier to execute.

The other key nugget here is talks are ongoing. If active talks are happening, Rodgers might have made the request in private.


Or, the Jets are making offers and the Packers are listening.

We'll see if the end is near.

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