Packers, not Bears, Jim McMahon's favorite team to play for


Jim McMahon is a Chicago icon. Simply being the only Bears quarterback to win a Super Bowl gives him elite status around the city. But he didn’t just bring home the Lombardi trophy for the Bears, he did it with swagger and style.

So if you’re a fan who holds McMahon in the highest esteem, you may not want to continue reading this post.

It might be hard to hear, but in an interview with 12/52 Sports Entertainment on Wednesday, McMahon said the Bears aren’t his favorite organization. That honor actually belongs to the Green Bay Packers.

“It was the best team, or the best organization, that I played for out of the seven teams that I played for,” McMahon said. “By far. From top to bottom, just great people. From the equipment guys to whoever’s the main guy up there. Everybody’s treated the same, and they treat you great up there.”

It’s not only that. McMahon also says Chicago is a terrible place to play quarterback.

“That was the worst offense I’d ever played in, was in Chicago,” McMahon said. “It was boring as hell.

“Chicago’s always been known for their defense. Their defense and their running game. And that’s probably all they’ll ever be known for. I think that’s where quarterbacks go to die.”

So when the Bears drafted Mitchell Trubisky, he wasn't surprised by the move and certainly wasn’t surprised that things didn’t work out.


“That was just a typical Bears draft move," McMahon said. "If you go to a team that’s got a good system, you’ve got a chance to do some things. But if you go to a system like it used to be in Chicago, you better hope you're a good 3rd-and-long thrower.”

To be fair, McMahon thinks Matt Nagy finally has an interesting offense. Maybe he’d be singing a different tune if he were playing in Chicago now instead of 35 years ago.

“I think what they have now is a hell of a system,” McMahon said. “I’d love to be playing in that. You’ve got all those weapons they have right now.”

That being said, does McMahon have his eye on a rookie QB for the Bears to select in the upcoming draft?

“I don’t watch ‘em. Don’t care.”

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