Spooky! Pat Mahomes (kind of) tweets about the Bears


Halloween can be spooky, but it doesn't come close to matching the sheer terror of Twitter; one is only 24 hours of demonic activity while the other is a year-round hell. 

On this *especially* spooky Halloween (a blue moon!), it seems fitting that we talk about Pat Mahomes being on the Bears. Some backstory: People forget that the Bears actually had a chance to draft Mahomes! Back in 2017, remember? Long story short they did end up going in a bit of a different direction, but it was close to happening. Regardless, everyone moved on with their lives in very normal and healthy ways. 

And now, every once in a while, someone gets wise and throws a picture of Mahomes in a Bears jersey on web. Just some harmless fun. Just something everyone can have a nice laugh at – including, apparently, Pat Mahomes: 

(Bears fans, please know I *am* sorry this had to happen to you. I feel the sadness in your memes. I do. But this is tremendous content.