The Bears have been on the lookout for a new kicker since Cody Parkey’s now infamous Double Doink against the Philadelphia Eagles last season. While their kicker woes seem far from over, former Colts punter Pat McAfee talks his experience trying out for the coveted spot on the Rich Eisen Show.

Here is what McAfee had to say:

“I was asked if I wanted to get back into the kicking world…and I was like ‘alright I guess I’ll go back into the NFL like I’m Jason Witten.”

“I thought I was going to go back, kick some balls, place kick for a team. I went through a full couple months training and then I went and did a strep test for the team—basically kicking a bunch, kicking and punting off a bunch. When I was on the plane back home, my knee that I got surgery on last year just ballooned up out of nowhere. It was like Antonio Brown could’ve hopped on the bottom of my knee and flew it into Napa Valley. It just blew up! I couldn’t even get up to go pee on that plane.”

“It was a nice, peaceful moment of closure for me that I performed well, but it seems as if my body has other plans.”

When asked if he would reveal the team he tried out for, McAfee responded saying

“I refuse to say the name of the team because I don’t want to give it up, but it’s the third largest city in America who had a little bit of a kicking situation. A little doink-doink and their kicking consultant was my kicking coach back in the day and asked me if I ever thought about place kicking.”


McAfee said while he was primarily a punter, he had practiced kicking during his time in the NFL. He became a good kicker, despite his skills never seeing a game.

“I gave it a go and my knee said no, no you are not!”

McAfee goes onto say that he will be focusing on media going forward this fall season. Meanwhile, we all hope the Bears be focusing on finding someone who can kick the ball through the goal posts.

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