This play should have Bears fans fired up about Cole Kmet


It's easy for fans  to blow training camp out of proportion. We do it every year. We get excited about players who report to summer practices in the best shape of their life and string together a series of two or three weeks of highlight-reel plays. But then, when the regular season rolls around, those same players disappear or under-deliver.

Bears fans know this all too well. Whether it's someone from the past like wide receiver Tanner Gentry, or last year's swell of excitement for running back David Montgomery, reports of training camp dominance need to be kept in check.

But every now and then we get a glimpse of what could separate a player from his peers, and in the case of rookie tight end Cole Kmet, he had one of those moments in practice recently. Check out this clip of Kmet that was  shared by the team's Twitter account:

Kmet did exactly what top-tier pass-catching tight ends are expected to do on this rep. Everything that makes him a potentially special prospect was on display: size, body control, and hands.

The best pass-catchers, whether it's a wide receiver or tight end, are guys who are open even when they're covered. On this rep, Kmet proved to be that kind of player.

Sure, it's one play. But it's a play that not every tight end can make. And that's a great sign for the Bears.