BOURBONNAIS, Ill. — Hello from camp with the wideouts:

The sun finally came out in, in more ways than one, here at Bears camp. Great fan turnout for a Monday morning and we think they got a good show!

A lot of it was the plays, some good, some not so good, and we’ll tell you about some of those in a few. But the big thing that’s been happening has been the trust growing all through our offense. Real trust. Mitch (Trubisky) and the quarterbacks are trusting us, we’re trusting them, the running backs are doing their part (tell ya’ about that, too, in a sec.), and the O-line is getting after one of the best front-sevens in the NFL. Those guys didn’t always like it; D-lineman Akiem Hicks and tackle Bradley Sowell got into a little scrap after one play but no harm done and everybody cooled off.

Big picture, we’re trusting what the coaches are teaching us, and they trust us to get their plans executed. Coach Nagy said it all: “[Trust] is only going to happen more and more the more reps we have. That will be a fun part to watch throughout training camp and once you start seeing that, now as coaches, you start game-planning for those trust relationships.”

Well, they’re already planning on those trust relationships, and so is Mitch. The highlight of Monday (at least for us – not sure the DBs would agree) was Taylor (Gabriel) running by Prince Amukamara to haul in a perfect deep throw from Mitch, who you could say “planned” for Taylor to outrun Prince. Like Steve McMichael once said about Willie Gault, “If he’s even, he’s leavin',” and if Taylor is even, uh…‘Buh-BYE!’


Not just us receivers, too. Chase (Daniel) saw Tarik Cohen iso’ed on a ‘backer and that was for 55 yards and 6 points. The ‘backer, Josh Woods, is a burner and put on a burst to catch Tarik, but Tarik saw it and out-bursted him, then gave the fans around the end zone a very sweet TD dance. Hey, camp is for workin’ on lots of stuff, right?

A little too trusting?

Of course, we’ve gotta trust smart, too. Prince and Kyle Fuller both picked off Mitch passes (Kyle covering Kevin (White) in a two-man drill), and safety Deon Bush timed a great pass breakup on a Chase Daniel throw to Josh (Bellamy). Right before that, Taylor was streaking down the deep middle against double-coverage, and Mitch must’ve “trusted” that, if Turbo could outrun one DB, he could outrun two. Didn’t quite work out. Incomplete.

But the “D” knows we can hurt ‘em deep, and that’s part of what coach Nagy wants to make clear to anybody we play. Again, like coach Nagy told the media (and the Packers and the Seahawks and anybody else listening or watching), “If you just stay in that intermediate route all the time, it makes it easier. It’s almost like you’re playing in the red zone to those DBs. You have to be able to test them. You gotta let them know that there’s more yardage behind them. When you do that, now they play off and you make those run and catch-type plays.”

We’re working at making those DB’s jumpy, too. Kevin [White] has had real battles with Fuller, who’s probably having one of the two or three best camps of anybody, and Monday did great work creating separation with Kyle in his face on press coverage. Kevin stutter-stepped and drove up the field, then broke off a crisp stop and comeback for the ball. Mitch had the ball right there for completions.

Gotta give some of the “D” guys their props, though. Leonard Floyd had some real pressures of Mitch, and Sam Acho, coming off the opposite side, had some great pursuits. Full disclosure, Sam: You DID get flagged for offsides once, although we didn’t have the Zebras throwing yellow rags as much Monday as before.

C’mon down to camp again on Thursday. Allen Robinson and Kyle Long should be back from their rest days and we’ve got some more things those guys on “D” haven’t seen yet!

Trustfully (Is that a word? It should be),


The Wideouts

*                          *                          *

Gimme 10!

Coach Matt Nagy believes in going occasionally with “Scat” protection (sending backs out and forcing linebackers or others threatening his quarterback to react) rather than simply keeping backs in to block. But pass-pro is an absolute for running backs and their group gave a good accounting of itself.

The drill was one-on-one pass blocking, with the back taking on a linebacker who comes off the edge and (ideally) keeping him off the simulated “quarterback.” Monday’s session concluded with a win for the backs in the form of Jordan Howard stopping a bull rush by inside linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski. That created extra “work” for the losing side.

“That just came down to a one-on-one, that was the last rep, and [running backs] coach London got a little competition going on there,” Nagy explained. “If the offense won, the defense did 10 push-ups, and if the defense won, offense did 10 push-ups. So I think that's good for the guys.

“I'm just a little upset,” Nagy deadpanned, “that Vic [Fangio, defensive coordinator] didn't. I didn't see him doing his 10 push-ups.”

*                          *                          *

Sick bay

Besides Kyle Long and Allen Robinson getting rest days, linebackers Joel Iyiegbuniwe (shoulder) and Danny Trevathan (hamstring) and did not practice, although both attended practice and stopped to sign autographs for fans after practice. Tight end Ben Braunecker (hamstring) and cornerback Sherrick McManis did not participate.

*                          *                          *

No-Ro’ not alone

Linebacker Roquan Smith is still unsigned, one of five top-8 picks without rookie deals done. Those include Cleveland, No. 1, quarterback Baker Mayfield; N.Y. Jets, No. 3, quarterback Sam Darnold; Cleveland, No. 4, cornerback Denzel Ward; and Buffalo, No. 7, quarterback Josh Allen. Safety Terrell Edmunds, No. 28 to Pittsburgh, is also without a rookie deal.