When the Bears traded for Nick Foles and announced that this coming training camp would feature a "true competition" at quaterback, they opened a Pandora's Box (i.e., Twitter) of debate and conjecture. Everyone's got two cents worth of input about what's going to happen, both good and bad. That includes former Bears cornerback Prince Amukamara. 

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Amukamara, who always spoke truthfully and eloquently during his time at Halas Hall, went on the "Beared Down" podcast and, when asked about said competition, gave his honest opinion: 

"I'm going to try and give you a real answer and a politically correct answer at the same time. It's so tough because I think Nick Foles is getting paid something like, what, $15 million this year? It's just going to be so hard to put that guy on the bench and just let that money just stay there. But also, you can't just put Mitch on the bench because then it looks bad, and it looks like you've given up on him." 

The Mitch comment at the end is a little bit of a hedge, but it's particularly telling that this is now the second teammate of Trubisky's to suggest that his time in Chicago may be coming to an end. Just from hearing that small tease, and considering how good of a chat Amukamara can be, tonight's podcast is a must-listen.