Puppy Pick 'Em puppy, Walter, makes his Week 4 picks for Bears-Vikings

Puppy Pick 'Em puppy, Walter, makes his Week 4 picks for Bears-Vikings

When the Bears announced their 2019 schedule, we decided to have some puppies reveal the opponents. Now, we have taken it a step further. We have a puppy that will make weekly picks for the Bears games.

Walter’s picks have been back and forth and for Week 3 how he couldn't resist the
Maryland crab cakes that represented Washington. Though dogs do love cheese too!

This week we have a liquid instead of a solid. Milk is the state drink of Minnesota and though Illinois does not have a state drink, the MOST ORDERED drink is an Old Fashioned! Crazy, right? It is Week 4 and Walter is hoping to improve his 1-2 record.

The 9-week old dachshund was hand-selected by the scouts at NBC Sports Chicago and hails from One Tail at a Time rescue. He came from a shelter in Alabama and was transported to Chicago. At just 7 weeks old and without his mom, he beat a deadly virus and spent some time in the doggie ER, where he healed and became strong again.

Now, Walter is ready to rumble between the well-manicured lines of Sweetness Field. He will be adoptable soon via and has two adorable sisters named Martha and Millie.

Walter will pick the games throughout the NFL season, including the playoffs and we hope that his nose follows the scent to the Bears every week, all the way to that magical game in Miami in February. Narrated by Jason Benetti, play by play announcer for the White Sox.

It is time for Puppy Pick ‘Em presented by Nissan.

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Bears have two top-50 picks in updated 2020 NFL Draft order

Bears have two top-50 picks in updated 2020 NFL Draft order

The 2019 NFL season is slowly coming to a close. Only seven games remain in the regular season and many teams have already begun planning their offseason strategy.

The biggest team-building event of every offseason is the NFL Draft. The Bears will once again be without a first-round pick in 2020 -- it was part of last September's Khalil Mack trade -- but they do have two second-rounders at their disposal (theirs and Oakland's.)

As of now, those two picks sit at No. 46 and 49 overall.

Here is the updated first-round NFL draft order heading into Week 11:

1. Bengals (0-9)
2. Redskins (1-8)
3. Giants (2-8)
4. Dolphins (2-7)
5. Jets (2-7)
6. Falcons (2-7)
7. Browns (3-6)
8. Buccaneers (3-6)
9. Broncos (3-6)
10. Cardinals (3-6-1)
11. Lions (3-5-1)
12. Chargers (4-6)
13. Jaguars (4-5)
14. Raiders (from Bears) (4-5)
15. Titans (5-5)
16. Eagles (5-4)
17. Raiders (5-4)
18. Colts (5-4)
19. Panthers (5-4)
20. Jaguars (from Rams) (5-4)
21. Cowboys (5-4)
22. Dolphins (from Steelers) (5-4)
23. Chiefs (6-4)
24. Vikings (7-3)
25. Bills (6-3)
26. Dolphins (from Texans) (6-3)
27. Saints (7-2)
28. Seahawks (8-2)
29. Ravens (7-2)
30. Packers (8-2)
31. Patriots (8-1)
32. 49ers (8-1) 

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Bears QB Big Board, 2.0: Stock up, Ryan Tannehill?

Bears QB Big Board, 2.0: Stock up, Ryan Tannehill?

The Bears' 2019 season, one that seemed all but over after Week 9's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, received an injection of life in Sunday's 20-13 victory over the Lions. The win did more than just move the Bears' record to 4-5 and keep them in the hunt for an NFC wild card; it may have been the kind of performance from Mitch Trubisky that keeps him in the quarterback conversation in 2020.

Trubisky finished Sunday's game completing 16-of-23 passes for 173 yards and three touchdowns, a stat line that isn't jaw-dropping but is still remarkable for a third-year quarterback who's struggled to look like he belongs all season. For the Bears, it was a glimmer of hope that Trubisky is capable of turning the corner and can eventually become a consistent game-manager with some big-time throw upside.

Still, it's only one game. And it wasn't even a full game; Trubisky struggled to move the ball in the first half and really only looked comfortable on a handful of series, which happened to end in touchdowns.

Regardless, it would be negligent for Ryan Pace to assume the quarterback situation in Chicago is solved after one mediocre performance from a player who's underperformed through 34 starts. At some point, a player simply is who he is, and there have been enough throws from Trubisky (1,003 to be exact) to have a pretty strong feeling about what his ceiling is. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear very high.

Week 10 launched a new contender for the Bears' 2020 quarterback gig who prior to Sunday's games was on the outside looking in: Tennessee's Ryan Tannehill.

Tannehill, like Trubisky, has first-round pedigree and enjoyed some moderate levels of success during his six seasons in Miami. Now, he's finding ways to win games for the Titans since taking over for Marcus Mariota. He's 3-1 as a starter this season and has 92 career starts on his resume.

Tannehill would bring experience, arm talent and the kind of athletic ability to be a perfect fit in Matt Nagy's offense. In fact, he'd profile very similar to Alex Smith, who rejuvenated his career when he joined the Chiefs under Andy Reid (and Nagy).

Tannehill's started half the number of games as Trubisky this season and has more than 100 fewer pass attempts, yet he's thrown for the same number of touchdowns (eight) and is just 230 yards behind. His yards per attempt (8.4) crushes Trubisky's 5.9. Simply put, if he was under center in Chicago right now, the Bears would probably have a few more wins in their record.

Tannehill is heading toward unrestricted free agency this offseason, but his big-time win over the Chiefs in Week 10 that featured several big-time throws may have the Titans pondering a multi-year contract before the season ends.

Bears' Quarterback Big Board (11/12/2019)

1. Andy Dalton (Bengals) 
previous: 1 (11/5)

2. Cam Newton (Panthers)
previous: 3 (11/5)

3. Marcus Mariota (Titans)
previous: 2 (11/5)

4. Ryan Tannehill (Titans)
previous: Outside looking in (11/5)

5. Jake Fromm (Georgia)
previous: 4 (11/5)

 6. Nick Foles (Jaguars)
previous: 5 (11/5)

Outside looking in...

Mitch Trubisky (Bears)
previous: outside looking in (11/5)

Teddy Bridgewater (Saints)
previous: 6 (11/5)

Jalen Hurts (Oklahoma)
previous: outside looking in (11/5)

Jameis Winston (Buccaneers)
previous: outside looking in (11/5)

Jacob Eason (Washington) 
previous: outside looking in (11/5)

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