Reading Twitter tea leaves to see why Spain wants to join Bears


Cordarrelle Patterson is back on the recruitment trail. Following Wednesday’s surprising news that the Buffalo Bills cut offensive lineman Quinton Spain, Patterson hopped on Twitter to do his thing.

And guess what, Spain liked the tweet himself! Does this mean Spain is going to sign with the Bears and solve their offensive line problems? Who knows?!? But it’s Wednesday afternoon and it’s been over 24 hours since any football games have been played, so it’s fun to read into the Twitter tea leaves.

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For what it’s worth, Patterson has tried to recruit players to the Bears time and time again but has nothing to show for it. He’s been so ineffective as an influencer, that he actually declared he was retiring from the recruitment game after striking out on Le’Veon Bell.

But clearly the love of the recruitment game was too strong for Patterson to stay out too long.