Report: Bears did not show strong interest in Orlando Brown Jr.


The Chicago Bears did not show strong interest in Orlando Brown Jr., based on reports from ESPN's Jeremy Fowler aggregated from Brown's agent. 

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Brown Jr. was an expected target, at least of interest, for the Chicago Bears. Not saying the Bears didn't show some interest in Brown Jr. We don't know that.

But their lingering and unsolved question marks on the offensive line, specifically at both tackle positions, raise questions as to why they didn't pursue Brown with vigor. 

Braxton Jones rose to some success at the end of his rookie season as a left tackle last season. But it's preferable the Bears notch in ends who can effectively and consistently protect Justin Fields. 

Brown Jr., who signed with the Cincinnati Bengals on a four-year deal, would have been an answer to the Bears' problems.

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The 26-year-old tackle is one of the best offensive linemen in the game. He has four Pro Bowl nods to his name and helped protect Patrick Mahomes during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl run last season. 

Brown Jr. did receive a healthy amount of money with the Bengals. Specifically, $64 million – including a $31 million signing bonus in that number.


But the Bears weren't opposed to spending big money on the tackle position. They reportedly showed interest in Mike McGlinchey, who inked north of $87 million with the Broncos earlier in free agency. 

Their decision not to go the distance with Brown Jr. is head-scratching. 

It also places the Bears' decisions for the remainder of free agency and the upcoming NFL draft – specifically, the No. 9 overall pick they possess – under a microscope. 

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