Nick Foles avoids serious injury, could return vs. Packers


In the last minute of Monday Night Football, Bears quarterback Nick Foles was thrown to the ground while being tackled and suffered an injury.

When the cart was brought out, things looked severe for Foles.

But good news, Foles has escaped serious injury.

"I was told overnight that Foles is actually okay, despite how that looked. Initial tests are extremely positive," Mike Garafolo said on Good Morning Football. "There was no sign of a break, according to sources, in the hip. That is the area they're focused on with Nick Foles.

 "The maybe immediate fear was that there was a fracture in the hip, but tests taken at the stadium did not reveal a fracture. So that is really good news for Nick Foles, at least initially. He is going to continue to have to undergo tests. But as the Bears left the stadium last night, and again heading into a bye, they thought to themselves, well, maybe we're going to have Nick Foles available after the bye.

Before Foles was injured, fans were already clamoring for Truibisky to get an opportunity to play or start again. The rationale being his mobility can help deal with a struggling and injured offensive line.

And Garafolo shed some light on Trubisky's time line to return from an injury of his own and his potential to play again.

"Now the thought is also that they might have Mitchell Trubisky available to them after the bye as well as he works his way back from a shoulder injury he suffered a couple weeks ago," Garafolo said. "They've been reluctant to even entertain the thought of putting Trubisky back in, we'll see where this goes for the Bears, but the initial hope is that Foles and Trubisky will be available for them after their bye week."


Only time will tell over the bye week.

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