How Akiem Hicks stat change reportedly cost man $1 million


You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who felt worse about how Akiem Hicks’ game on Monday was officiated than Hicks himself. He’s already taken to Twitter to explain that the officiating from the Bears’ game is causing him to adapt his game. But one man may actually have more beef with how the game shook out in the final minutes.

According to ESPN, Rob Huntze was under the impression he’d won $1 million playing a daily fantasy contest. But after calling friends and family to share the news, Huntze was heartbroken to find a late stat correction took away an Akiem Hicks sack-- and the majority of Huntze’s winnings.

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Instead of winning $1 million, Huntze dropped into a tie for sixth place and won just over $3,000 according to ESPN. A great prize sure, but not quite a Grand Prize.

An intrepid Twitter detective seems to have found the play which cost Huntze $997,000 and posted his findings online:

While a case could be made that it actually was a designed run, there’s no denying that’s a bad beat.