Garafolo: Trubisky assessing options before signing


If you’re wondering why quarterbacks like Tyrod Taylor and Jacoby Brissett have signed deals already — while Mitchell Trubisky is still on the market — it may be because Trubisky is biding his time. According to Mike Garafolo, Trubisky is weighing his options now, trying to find the best fit to revitalize his career.

“We know what his skill set is: he can get out, he can move with his legs, he can do some things off of play actions and boots, and all those things,” Garafolo said on “Good Morning Football.” “What Trubisky is looking for is a scheme that better fits him than what he’s been running in Chicago the last couple of years.

“There are teams out there that have needs — the 49ers run that type of stuff, they have a need. Perhaps Denver. Some of these other teams — the Kyle Shanahan, the LaFleur style of offense, it wouldn’t surprise me if Trubisky lands in one of those kinds of offenses.”

We ran a Trubisky prediction piece of our own on Tuesday, listing the 49ers and Broncos as possible destinations as well, so glad to hear Garafolo is on the same page.

Realistically, this will be the biggest decision of Trubisky’s career, so it’s not surprising that he would take his time. If he lands in the right spot, he could be an incredible comeback story, like Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee. If not, it will be tough to convince another team to give him a third chance at redemption. Finding that best fit, even if it doesn’t come with a guarantee of a starting job, is critical.


“One of the things he talked about late last year was some of the things he was raising to the Bears coaching staff, as far as game planning, scheme, and all this stuff. They were finally doing it, and that’s why he started to play a little bit better late in the season. But by that point it was probably too late for him in Chicago.

“So he continues to go through his options here, and perhaps we’ll have some Trubisky news for you here in the next couple of days as he tries to reset his career, and get in a place where he feels more comfortable, and feels like they’re playing to his strengths.”

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