Report: NFL GM believes Bears will try to trade No. 1 pick


Late April can't arrive quicker for the Chicago Bears

That's when the NFL draft will commence and the clock will begin counting down on the Bears to decide with the first overall pick in the draft – if they don't trade it beforehand. 

One of the more lucrative options the Bears could be presented with before the draft includes the potential of a trade-down scenario with one of many teams hungry for a quarterback. 

Would the Bears be open to trading their pick down in the draft?

"Oh, yeah. Why not?” one general manager told the Chicago Tribune's Brad Biggs. "There are 12 teams that need a quarterback."

Indeed, simple economics should tell you the Bears will have prosperous offers made to them by way of teams looking for a quarterback. A simple glance over the NFL draft order would tell you multiple teams are in demand for a quarterback; plus, this draft class isn't stocked with talent, marking a lack of supply. 

Just to name a few, the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Las Vegas Raiders, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New York Jets and Washington Commanders need a new signal caller.

Not saying every aforementioned team will look to the draft to fill the void but, what happens when you have high demand and low supply?

Economically, a shortage. In this instance? Jackpot. 


As for the Bears, they indirectly, yet quickly admitted their plan to start Justin Fields next season as their QB1.

“We’re gonna do the same as we’ve always done," Poles said in January when asked about using the No. 1 pick on a quarterback. "We’re gonna evaluate the draft class, and I would say this: I would have to be absolutely blown away to make that type of decision.”

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The Bears could opt to stand pat and take a defensive game-changer with the No. 1 pick – likely by way of Will Anderson Jr. or Jalen Carter. 

Or, they could trade their pick down, acquire assets and capital, yet still have the freedom to choose a substantial piece to impact their team.

As the anonymous general manager said: "Why not?"

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