Rex Ryan: 'Hell yes' it's right move naming Trubisky starter


Rex Ryan could not have been more emphatic when defending Matt Nagy’s decision to name Mitchell Trubisky the Week 1 starting quarterback for the Bears.

“Hell yes, it’s the right decision,” Ryan said on ESPN Sunday morning. “I’ll tell you why: number one, Nick Foles is a great backup quarterback, not a great starting quarterback. But Mitchell Trubisky, two years ago this was ‘Maserati Mitch.’”

It might seem like a crazy claim after the Bears used valuable draft capital to bring in Foles, and after watching Trubisky and the entire Bears offense regress in 2019. But Ryan brought some stats from 2018 to defend his take.

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“Third in the NFL in QBR,” Ryan said. “That’s how sharp he was. That’s how good he was. Last year, ‘Mitsubishi Mitch’ or whatever. But to me, Ryan Pace is still the GM there, right? He was the NFL Executive of the Year when ‘Maserati Mitch’ showed up.

“To me, it was the right pick (for starting QB), especially if you’re Ryan Pace.”

While Ryan makes a decent point that Pace’s fate might be tied to Trubisky’s, it doesn’t make a ton of sense that Trubisky would be the presumptive starter, just because the Bears brought Foles into the QB room. Foles is still a former Super Bowl MVP who has shown he can perform at the highest level, in the same offense that Nagy runs. Reports earlier this week said the Bears were finalists in the Tom Brady sweepstakes. That doesn’t sound like the Bears were looking for a serviceable backup. It sounds like the Bears were a team looking for a legitimate QB competition.


Regardless, Trubisky got the job, and questions around the QB will begin to be answered on Sunday.