Why Louis Riddick won't rule Bears out of Watson trade yet


The Deshaun Watson trade saga has moved so quickly that it can be hard to keep up. First came the rumors Watson was unhappy, then each team’s fanbase started wondering how much it would take to trade for him, followed quickly by the realization that, wow, it will really require a whole lot to win the bidding war for one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

For Bears fans it’s often seemed like a price the team may not be able to afford. Ryan Pace has less draft capital than other teams, and less cap space too. Further, why would Watson waive his no-trade clause to go to a team that reportedly didn’t even meet with him seriously before the 2017 draft?

Well Louis Riddick tweeted on Thursday that things may have changed enough over the last four seasons to give the Bears a second chance.

However, while Riddick thinks the Bears would necessarily be a hard pass for Watson, he wouldn’t go as far as to say that they’d be the best fit for him. On Get Up, Riddick said he thought the newest QB vacancy would actually suit Watson best: The Indianapolis Colts.

“They need a quarterback, bad,” Riddick said on Get Up. “They need a quarterback, and they have the draft capital. They’re a team that’s built to win. They have a tremendous offensive line. They’re a run-centric attack. They have Michael Pittman, Jr. at wide receiver. They have a shut-down type of defense. And they have a quarterback-friendly coach who is one of the all-time great backups in Frank Reich.


“If you’re looking at this right now, you go, ‘Forget the Jets! Go to Indy!’ Get him to Indy and I guarantee they’ll be right there with the Kansas City Chiefs, as far as favorites to go to the Super Bowl.”

It’s true the Colts are built for success in the immediate future, and do seem to be a great fit for Watson, however it also seems unlikely that the Texans would sign off on a deal to ship Watson to a division rival.

While the trade market for Watson still remains cloudy, one thing that’s becoming clearer and clearer is that Watson may truly have played his last snap in Houston.

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