Robbie Gould does not want to kick for the Bears


Robbie Gould admitted he'll likely be heading to free agency this offseason, despite his interest in returning to the San Francisco 49ers, where he's played the last six years. 

"Obviously, I would love to go back there," Gould said to The 33rd Team. "There's a lot of guys that are up; there's a lot of guys that need to be re-signed moving to the future. The nice part for me, as I told my agent, I had a great season. Now, it's really up to him to figure out the details.

"If we get a deal done in San Francisco, which could happen, but most likely probably free agency is probably where we're gonna end up. I think they'll offer. I think they'll do some things. But, if not, we'll figure out what happens in free agency."

Contrary to Gould's interest in returning to the 49ers, he believes the likely outcome is searching for a new home in free agency. 

But, don't get excited Chicago, he's not necessarily looking to return to Chicago, where he played the first 11 years of his career. 

"I live here [Chicago] full-time but I don't know if I want to kick in the cold anymore," Gould said with a laugh. "I'd look to get a dome and some warm weather first. 40 years, 18 years of doing this, I deserve that I think."

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Certainly, Bears fans would love for Gould to return to his former post as the team's kicker. 

Gould made roughly over 84 percent of his field goals while with the Bears, becoming a fan favorite for his consistency and long-time tenure with the team. 

After the 2015 season, then-general manager Ryan Pace decided to cut Gould, and went with Cody Parkey as the new leg for the team.

Parkey shot 76.5 percent from the field in his one season with Chicago, getting cut after the season for his overwhelmingly poor performance, and missing a game-winning field goal against the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2018 wild card round.

Ever since Gould left the Bears, he's thrived with the Giants and 49ers. Since the Bears cut Gould after the 2016 season, he has not missed a field goal in the playoffs. 

"You got Mr. [Jerry] Jones' cell phone number you can put in a good phone call for me?" Gould said. 

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