Robbie Gould remains patient in holdout from 49ers


Robbie Gould remains patient in holdout from 49ers

The longer Robbie Gould spends in Chicago this offseason, away from his San Francisco 49ers, the more Bears fans clamor for Ryan Pace to strike a deal and potentially solve the kicker woes.

Gould continues to hold out after the 49ers used the franchise tag on him in free agency, and he isn’t backing down from his demand for a trade.

“I’m not going to commit to making any decision right now . . .  I don’t really have a plan right now,” Gould told the San Jose Mercury News. “Obvious there is a deadline and I don’t have to make any decisions anytime soon. . . . The deadline to sign a long-term contract is Monday, and the rest of that is up to me.”


The veteran kicker’s family is based in Chicago, where he spent 11 seasons before being released in 2016. His wife and kids are Gould’s motivation to move out of San Francisco, but he hasn’t specifically said which teams he’d like to play for.

“I never said I want to go back there,” Gould said. “I just said I want to be closer to my family. That doesn’t necessarily mean [Chicago].”

The 49ers and Bears report to training camp in just a few weeks, all signs point to Gould abstaining. He can still earn his full $4.97 million contract if he reports by Week 1, he could be looking at a Khalil Mack timeline with a potential trade right before the season starts. The preseason should put pressure on San Francisco and any potential team looking to acquire a veteran kicker.

Bears-Rams Inactives: David Montgomery WILL play after all

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Bears-Rams Inactives: David Montgomery WILL play after all

The Bears and Rams are set to kick off in about 90 minutes, and the teams have released their inactive players list. 

The good news for the Bears? David Montgomery will play: 

Montgomery missed time in practice this week after he "lightly rolled" it, according to Matt Nagy. His status was considered a gametime decision. 

Otherwise, not much else new here. The fact that Trevathan, while inactive, continues to avoid IR is something worth monitoring as we go forward. 

Former Bears DC Vic Fangio off to rough start as Broncos coach

Former Bears DC Vic Fangio off to rough start as Broncos coach

Former Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio was one of the few head-coaching candidates last offseason whose reputation in the league was based on defense. With most teams looking for the next young offensive guru, Fangio's stature as a veteran defensive coach made the Denver Broncos' decision to name him their head coach a pretty bold move.

After a 3-6 start and a change from Joe Flacco to Brandon Allen at quarterback, Denver's lacking offense has sparked internal frustration, according to CBS Sports' Jason LaCanfora.

The real source of the difficulty, however, appears to be Fangio.

Fangio has had issues with offensive assistants, the sources said, and at one point top receiver Emmanuel Sanders in essence walked out on the team, leading to his eventual trade. Lines of communication have been strained, and Fangio has been quick to dispute play calls and come across as overbearing on the headsets, sources said, which has created issues in-game and otherwise.

Fangio's time in Chicago was highlighted by the dominant performance of the Bears' defense in 2018, one that led the team to an NFC North championship and its first playoff berth since 2010.

But he was never able to establish himself as the kind of coach who could handle the media or other responsibilities that come along with being atop the coaching food chain. His to-the-point and sometimes brutally honest style worked well for a grizzled defensive coordinator, but head coaches are held to a different standard.

It would be unfair to expect Fangio to change who he is at this point in his coaching career, which began with the New Orleans Saints 33 seasons ago. 

Maybe we're just starting to see why it took so long for him to actually land a head coaching position.