Ex-NFL QB says Bears 'shouldn't' trade Justin Fields


The idea of trading Bears quarterback Justin Fields away before the upcoming NFL draft has swirled Bears' social media stans, and even NFL analysts and minds. 

However, one ex-NFL quarterback believes the Bears would be making a major mistake by jettisoning their young signal caller. 

"The Bears SHOULDN’T trade Justin Fields to draft Bryce Young," Robert Griffin III wrote in a Tweet. "Not because Bryce isn’t worth it, HE’s DEFINITELY THAT DUDE. But because they need the draft picks from trading the #1 Pick to add MUCH NEEDED talent to their roster and protection so Fields ISN’T RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE."

As Griffin alludes to, the Bears need a plethora of help on their roster. 

For starters, they owned the worst defensive line in the league last season, recording the least number of sacks against opposing quarterbacks and allowing the second-most rushing yards per game. 

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Other boxes to check on their offseason to-do list include offensive line, linebackers, wide receivers and even cornerbacks. 

For Fields to be successful, he will require a formidable offensive line, along with a more reputable pass-catching group. Last season, he tied Russell Wilson as the most-sacked quarterback in the league, racking up 55 sacks. 

Further, only one receiver (Cole Kmet) recorded over 500 receiving yards on the season, evidence of a dire need for more elite pass catchers.


Darnell Mooney struggled as the first option, ultimately missing the final bit of the season due to injury. And, Chase Claypool has yet to amount to the second-round draft pick the Bears traded for him. 

Surely, Young is a phenomenal prospect and has the ability and potential to become an elite quarterback at the NFL level. However, the Bears have yet to give Fields a fair evaluation based on the lack of talent they possess on their roster. 

Hence, Griffin III felt compelled to express his opinion in the opposite direction of the "trade Fields" fanbase. 

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