Robert Quinn: Bears loss a 'sickening... gut punch'


The Bears have dealt with their fair share of tough loses over the course of their five-game losing streak. There was Week 9’s heroic offensive effort in the fourth quarter, in Pittsburgh, on Monday Night Football that was ultimately spoiled by a quick field goal drive engineered by Ben Roethlisberger. It was a similar story against the 49ers, when Justin Fields scrambled for an incredible touchdown run on 4th-and-2, only for the defense to allow Jimmy Garoppolo and Elijah Mitchell march down the field for an easy score on the next drive. There have been complete clunkers too, like the Bucs game, when the Bears lost 38-3.

But somehow, this week's loss to the Ravens feels like the worst of them all.

“It's sickening,” Robert Quinn said. “I'll just put it that way. It's a punch to the gut. We had the lead. The Ravens had the ball, it was on the defense to close it out and we didn't do that. Yeah, it's a gut punch.”

Darnell Mooney didn’t describe the Bears locker room as “sickened” or “devastated” or anything like that, however. He sensed different emotions from his teammates.

“A little pissed off, a little mad,” Mooney said. “You don’t want to lose. You want to be able to win out there, especially if you work all week, especially if you’re on the bye week and you work, work, even in the bye week. And just try to get away from all the negativity and all the losing area of it and then try to come back on a win on the bye week. We didn’t get the dub.. It hurts.”


Quinn thought that at some point the Bears might benefit from taking those awful feelings and applying them to tough conversations, teammate-to-teammate, about all the mistakes they’ve made throughout the year, and how they’ve contributed to losses, not wins.

“No need to be sensitive,” Quinn said. “I mean, call a spade a spade. Again, when a play call is called, everybody has a 1/11th. Do your 1/11th. If you didn’t do your 1/11th, you get called out. Don’t be sensitive. Get yourself fixed and get it right. Just leave it at that.”

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