Russell Wilson trade to Bears 'not totally off the board'


Russell Wilson trade fatigue is real... but there continues to be smoke, and this time from a new source.

After reports that the Seattle Seahawks rejected the Chicago Bears' offer, ESPN's Adam Schefter continued to report that Wilson staying in Seattle isn't a done deal. He even reported the Bears "have not abandoned hope" and it could all hinge on a draft night trade.

Now Chris Mortensen is also saying it's not over yet.

"I've been told... Russell Wilson being traded from Seattle is not dead yet," Mortensen said. "And Chicago and the Seahawks had the most heated talks going up to and then it kinda fell apart and cooled off.

"We are told it can heat up again."

But the big dig against the Bears trading for Wilson is their draft capital, namely they're first round pick is in the back half of the round.

"You sit there and say they're picking 20th, how are the Seahawks going to get a quarterback?" Mortensen rhetorically asked.

Well, here comes the Sam Darnold, Jets and Pete Carroll idea again.

"Well if they got enough draft picks, they could send a future pick to the Jets for Sam Darnold," Mortensen said.

“But Russell Wilson and the Bears are not totally off the board,” Mortensen said.


Then the audible sigh is let out by the panel... and in Chicago.

But here's the thing... Matt Nagy had a press conference on Friday and said the Bears' offensive scheme is still being figured out.

"We’re not 100 percent of the way there because we still have the draft," Nagy said. "We still have pieces where we feel like offensively, defensively, special-teams wise that we can add that would be significant. Once we know exactly where that’s at, it’ll help us."

The 2021 NFL Draft has been speculated as a time when the Seahawks might trade Wilson if a quarterback they like falls down the draft boards and the Bears' overall 20th-pick might net them said player. Also, once the draft begins the Bears can up their offer to four first-round picks.

And how else do you explain the Bears keeping Jimmy Graham while choosing other players to release for salary cap reasons?

Fans are all tired of hearing it, but it doesn't seem like this is going away until the draft is over.

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