Why Bears Twitter thinks Russ trade goes down on Thursday


Bears Twitter got itself in a trade tizzy again Wednesday night. But instead a full on trade rumor from someone in the media, this time the buzz was started with a simple, “Welp.”

That’s it. That’s all it took for Bears fans to start speculating that not only is a Russell Wilson trade imminent, it’s happening on Thursday.

No matter how silly it may seem, it’s certainly fun and often impressive with how far Twitter detectives took things.

For what it's worth, we checked it out, and sure enough we couldn't find any Russell Wilson futures ourselves.

This all led to some very creative reactions as well.

Does the memory of unfulfilled trade hype Carson Wentz still linger? Yup. Does that change anything? Nope.

We’re on board. Let’s gooooooooooooooooooo!

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