Ryan Clark rips Matt Nagy for not giving Bill Lazor credit


Another day, and more Matt Nagy drama.

Chicago Bears head coach might have silenced some calls for his job after a win over the Detroit Lions because he handed over playcalling duties to Bill Lazor. But he's under fire for his disastrous postgame press conference when he wouldn't clearly state that Lazor was calling plays, while also trying to take some credit because everything still runs through him.

Which set up an all-time rant from Ryan Clark on ESPN's Get Up.

"Hey, guys, I didn't call none of these plays, even though I did last week. But guess what? All this comes back to me," Clark said doing his Nagy impression. "I did all the right stuff as the head coach. I sucked last week and I almost got this young man killed. Y'all wanted to fire him. He shouldn't have been drafted at 11. This week. I ain't calling plays, but everything came back to me. I OK'd everything that Bill Lazor said.

"Me, me, me, me, me, me. Man, shut the hell up."

Clark added: "Say, you know what? I was bad at calling plays last week. This is the third time I fired myself. The biggest mistake I've ever made as head coach is to continue rehiring myself as the play caller. So guess what? I passed it along to Bill Lazor. And he did an amazing job because his job is to call the plays, get Justin Fields in the best position to succeed. And guess what? Bill did that. Not me. Bill did it. But guys look at me. I'm Matt Nagy."


All of this with the rest of the Get Up crew laughing at Nagy, and consequently the Bears. Not what you want to see on a Monday morning after a win, being a punch line on a national show.

"But stuff like this upsets me because he had an opportunity to heap praise on his offensive coordinator and his quarterback. But he had to point out, guys, guess what? I did this," Clark said. "So don't fire me and hire Bill Lazor because I made the choice."

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