Gardner-Johnson's history with the Bears


Seemingly out of nowhere, Bears wide receiver Javon Wims punched Saints defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, twice. It ignited a broader scuffle as the two teams separated the players.

But everyone wants to know, what started it.

We're here to walk you through Gardner-Johnson's history with the Bears, albeit brief.

First, let's go back to 2019 when the Bears played the Saints.

Gardner-Johnson was caught on camera during the game mocking Bears running back Tarik Cohen's height with a teammate.

Nevermind that Gardner-Johnson is a whooping 5-foot-11 himself.

Then before Wims punched him, Gardner-Johnson was doing his best to torment Wims and teammate Anthony Miller.

Let's start with the previous Wims incident. Some words are exchanged, and then Gardner-Johnson rips off Wims' mouthpiece as he goes to walk away.

According to Wims, he was also spit on.

As Twitter user Evan Saacks notes, Wims was subbed out at this point and a delay of game penalty pushes them back, followed by a Foles sack which led to a punt ending that Bears drive.

The next time the Bears got possession, things ramped up.

And at some point, Gardner-Johnson put his finger in Miller's facemask and pushed. Which is the way to try and punch someone without actually punching them, like when soccer players put their foreheads together and then push.

Now, we're not saying all these events led to Wims punching Gardner-Johnson.

And we're not saying that punching him was justified..

As head coach Matt Nagy said, "that's not how we roll here."

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