Celebrities, they're just like us! They go to the store, and brush their teeth (right?) and aren't able to come to a consensus on who the Bears' quarterback should be. 

During NBC Sports Chicago's "Be Chicago: Together We Can" telethon fundraiser, we got two local celebrities – WWE's Seth Rollins and former Bears tight end Zach Miller – together, and if you can believe it, they were split on the Bears' QB situation: 

Rollins: 100% it’s going to be Nick Foles, there’s no question. They’re not paying him that amount of money to come in and be a backup. I mean, I know they’ve got to say, 'OK, it’s a competition, yadda yadda.' But the amount of money and the familiarity with Nagy’s system, I understand they had to bring in another quarterback, but it’s got to be Foles. Foles has got to start. 

Miller: I’m going to ride with Mitchell. I think that the competition is going to push him a little bit. I think that there’s obviously more growth that is there. It just needs to come together. I think he starts the season as the starting quarterback, but it’s up to him where he finishes. But I’m going to stick with Mitchell. 

There you have it. Seth Rollins is on Nick Foles, and Miller's riding with Mitchell. Let that influence your own decision how it will.