Laurence Holmes, David Haugh and Anthony Herron join Kap on the panel.

Bleacher Report says the Bears had the worst offseason in the NFL. The guys disagree but are they really that much better with Nick Foles on the QB depth chart? Plus, would they be better going on a deep playoff run with Foles or tanking for Trevor Lawrence?

It’s the anniversary of the Cubs-White Sox trade that brought Sammy Sosa to the Northside. Was that the greatest trade in Cubs’ history? The guys are split.

Yahoo! Sports senior NBA writer Vincent Goodwill joins Kap. Vincent doesn’t think Scottie Pippen is still one of the 50 best players in NBA history which is just plain crazy. Plus they talk about the potential changes in the Bulls’ front office and Vincent reveals just how close he thinks they may be to becoming one of the best teams in the East.

00:37 - Bleacher Report says the Bears have had the NFLs worst offseason

5:50 - Rather make NFC title game with Foles or Tank for Trevor?

8:30 - How should NFL front offices handle The pre-draft process?

13:13 - What was The greatest trade in Cubs history?

19:52 - Vincent Goodwill joins to talk Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen

21:15 - Is Scottie Pippen still a top-50 player?

25:20 - What changes will the Bulls make in their front office?

27:00 - How far away are the Bulls from contending

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