Tashaun Gipson has spent his eight-year career wearing the same number: 39. He's worn it in Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Houston – the number 39 is, as Gipson put it on Tuesday afternoon, "his baby." 

Numbers are a tricky thing in the NFL. The problem for Gipson is that his baby is already Eddie Jackson's baby, and you don't just come into a new locker room and start demanding number changes unless you're Tom Brady or uninterested in friendship. If you are either of these two things, go for it. If you are not, then you approach the situation like Tashaun Gipson approached the situation: 

... [Jackson] established it here and that’s what you work for. It just sucks that he thought to stick with (39); most people would have changed it. It’s unfortunate that he wanted to stick to 39, man, and you know, pan out the career he has now. But you know, obviously, that’s a cool number. He would say the same.

But it’s gonna be a little different being in another number. I’ve always prided myself on that was the number they gave to me. I’ll never forget when I got the number. I was just like, ‘Man, what is this number? This is just terrible.’ Like, I’m going to be with 39. You know, I wore it with a badge of honor. It’s part of me. So obviously, it’s gonna be a little different. I’m gonna try to come as close to 39 as I possibly can so the three-eight is gonna be the situation for this year, obviously. Coming to grips with that was tough, man. That’s my baby right there -- 39. That’s how I feel what made me. But you know, it’s all fun and games, obviously. I’m just excited to have this opportunity, man. He made that number a cool number in Chicago, obviously. I tip my hat to him. You know, 38, 39 back there rocking. Thirty-eight can’t be too bad. Thirty-eight can’t be too bad.


Yeah! 38 can't be too bad, repeats every 36-year old on the planet. Gipson's a vet, and he knows what to say in moments like this. It is objectively cool that both of the Bears' starting safeties will have consecutive numbers. I don't know why that's objectively cool, but it is. 

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