The Bears face the worst odds of any team playing this weekend, so where's the harm in unnecessarily getting your hopes up a few days early? What *I* hope is that you're sitting down somewhere –  we've got a live one this morning. According to the people at Pro Football Talk, rumors of Deshaun Watson's unhappiness are 'circulating' and the star QB has 'quietly broached with teammates the possibility of requesting a trade.' 

"Rumors already are circulating," Mike Florio writes. "And we’ve already heard them from multiple different people, that Watson has quietly broached with teammates the possibility of requesting a trade. If that’s happening, it may just be a strategic effort to ensure his views are respected by ownership. Regardless, it raises the stakes and crosses a bridge and potentially sets the foundation for Watson eventually to decide that he’d like to continue his career elsewhere."

!!!!!!! A trade request! To be clear, Florio's actually reporting that he's heard rumors that could maybe lead to a request somewhere down the road, but the words 'trade' and 'request' just look so nice together, so frankly the other stuff doesn't matter. Would Watson forgive the Bears? Is that even a move that Ryan Pace could make? Would the Texans be OK taking Robert Quinn with Kyle Fuller? And where should the Bears send that paperwork? Lots to sort through.


It should also be pointed that out Deshaun Watson's unhappiness with the current state of affairs in Houston is not some secret gossip but in fact extremely evident every time he talks about it, or is mic'd up, or generally any time he's on TV.

Maybe it'll happen. It probably won't, but maybe. Either way, nothing should stop you from photoshopping him into a Bears jersey.