Twitter wants the Bears to pay Allen Robinson


The Bears are low-balling Allen Robinson, and Twitter isn't standing for it.

ESPN reported that the Bears value Allen Robinson in the $15 million-to-$16 million-per-year range. Robinson is looking for a deal in the $18 million-per-year range.

That's it... the Bears are holding out on their best offensive player for $2 million dollars.

The same Bears, mind you, that gave Mike Glennon a three-year, $45 million contract in 2017. That's more than the three-year, $42 million deal Robinson is playing on now.

And the fan base is as exhausted as Robinson presumably is and just want to see the deal get done.

And then there are the jokesters on Twitter.

But Bears fans have been clamoring for this for awhile.

Seriously though, pay Allen Robinson. What are we waiting for.

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