Tyreek Hill tweets D.J. Moore, Fields will be 'fun to watch'


The Chicago Bears sent the NFL into a frenzy on Friday, trading the No. 1 pick to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for the No. 9, No. 61 pick, a 2024 first-round, 2025 second-round pick and D.J. Moore. 

Tyreek Hill voiced his opinion on the chaos, saying what everyone is likely already thinking. 

Indeed, Tyreek. The duo will be a fun one to watch. 

Especially since both are adept at executing the deep ball, the tandem should be an entertaining one. Justin Fields has a knack for throwing the deep ball and D.J. Moore is used to trying for the long 50/50 ball downfield. 

Fields recorded a 66.7 percent completion rate from passes 10-19 yards last season and Moore has the second-most targets from 2019-22 from the same distance, according to Brad Spielberger of PFF. 

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Hill likely alludes to the duo's complimentary skill sets, which seemingly line up. The Bears are well aware of Fields' talent for throwing downfield, as they used the same logic to trade for Chase Claypool ahead of last season's trade deadline. 

Fields now has a cohort targeted for route running and downfield chances. 

More importantly, the Bears have a clear vision ahead of the rest of the offseason. They traded the No. 1 pick away early and can now focus on building out parts of the rest of the roster. 


However, as the Bears' roster unfolds this offseason, Fields and Moore will be "fun to watch" either way. 

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