Under Center Podcast: Robert Mays on where Justin Fields can take Bears


Robert Mays, host of The Athletic Football Show podcast, Ken Davis, Alex Shapiro, and Eric Strobel to discuss all things Bears. The crew breaks down Robert's thoughts on the Bears' Arlington Park bid, can new defensive coordinator Sean Desai be as good as Brandon Staley as a defensive mind, the drafting process that Ryan Pace used to draft Trubisky vs Fields, and A LOT more.

(2:00) - Losing nostalgia if the Bears move to Arlington Park

(11:40) - What is the No. 1 concern for the Bears this season?

(23:40) - Can Sean Desai bring the Bears back to the Vic Fangio defense?

(28:00) - Why couldn't Mitchell Trubisky work in Chicago?

(44:56) - Podcast Review of the Day!

Listen here.