Under Center Podcast: Bears vs Browns recap - Nagy botches Fields' NFL debut


I don't think you need much of a description about what was said in this podcast. Ken Davis, Eric Strobel, and Alex Shapiro discuss Matt Nagy's offense, his game planning, his strategy, his half time adjustments, his development skills, his play calling, his decision making OR lack thereof on all of these. If you are a real Bears fan, this is the podcast you need to listen to, to help exorcise all the bad juju from that game. SMH

(2:35) - This was one of the most disappointing games in Matt Nagy's tenure

(17:10) - Who helped Justin Field at all?

(32:00) - Matt Nagy needs a come to Jesus moment about himself and his play calling

(45:00) - What will Justin Fields look like against the Lions and will Andy Dalton be the starter when he's healthy?

Listen here.