Under Center Podcast: Bears-Packers recap - Aaron Rodgers 'I still own you'


Ol' Aaron Charles Rodgers is still the bane of every Chicago Bears fan existence once again after beating the good guys 24-14 at Soldier Field. But the good news is Justin Fields is still learning and growing and we will have our day A ARON! I SWEAR ON IT WITH MY LIFE! (Not really) In the meantime though, we have a breakdown to get to. Ken Davis, Eric Strobel, and Alex Shapiro discuss every angle of the matchup including the play of Justin Fields, the Bears defense not being able to stop the run in the second half, Khalil Herbert breaking out, and a lot more. Your days are numbered, Rodgers!

(5:30) - The Under Center Podcast reaches 3 MILLION DOWNLOADS!

(7:45) - First impressions of Bears vs Packers

(16:50) - Is Justin Fields getting frustrated with the offense?

(30:40) - Can Jaylon Johnson be the shutdown corner for the Bears?

(39:00) - Bears defense gets smoked on the ground

(46:30) - Do the Bears need Allen Robinson?

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